A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website remember information about your visit, which can make it easier to visit the site again and the site more useful to you.For example, we use cookies to remember your preferred language, to make the ads you see more relevant to you, to count how many visitors we receive to a page, to help you sign up for our services, to protect your data, or to remember your ad settings.

This page describes the types of cookies used by and the names of specific cookies. It also explains how and our partners use cookies in advertising. See the Privacy Policy to learn how we protect your privacy in our use of cookies and other information.



We use different types of cookies to run websites and ads-related products. Some or all of the cookies described below may be stored in your browser.
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  • Preferences
    These cookies allow a site to remember things that change the way a site behaves or looks.
    For example, by remembering your region and preferred language, a site may be able to provide you with local weather reports in your own language. These cookies can also help in changing the text size, font, and other parts of web pages that you personalize.
  • Security
    These cookies allow  to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of sign-in credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized parties.
  • Processes
    These cookies help to deliver services and work as expected.
    For example, these cookies help visitors navigate around web pages and access secure areas of a site.
    Blocking this cookie would prevent, and other services, from operating correctly.
  • Advertising
    These cookies help make advertising more engaging to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers.
    For example, these cookies can be used to select advertising based on what’s relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance, and to avoid showing ads a user has already seen.
    We also use one or more cookies for advertising we serve across the web.
    Sometimes advertising cookies may be set on the domain of the site you’re visiting. also uses conversion cookies. These cookies allow and the advertiser to determine that you clicked the ad and later visited the advertiser’s site. Conversion cookies are not used by for personalized ad targeting and persist for a limited time only. Some of our other cookies may be used to measure conversion events as well.
    If you don’t want the ads you see to be coordinated across your devices, you can opt out of Ad Personalization using Cookies Settings here.
  • Analytics
    These cookies allow a site to understand how visitors engage with the site.



Most browsers allow you to control how cookies get used as you’re browsing.
Some browsers automatically limit or delete cookies. Also, in some browsers, you can set up rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, allowing you to permit cookies only from sites that you trust.
Losing the information stored in cookies may make sites less functional but shouldn’t prevent them from working.


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